Teaching Your Child to Ride a Bike Video

Bike Video Rating: 4 / five

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20 thoughts

  1. 20 minutes in and we have a new rider in the family!! This is the best and easiet method!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. We tried this method yesterday and after 20 minutes our child was riding. Thanks!

  3. when I first started noone teach me how to do it wahahha.

  4. i just got a bike and watched this tutorial and i learned it in 3 hours.
    Thumbs up if this tutorial was helpful.

  5. I am so excited too. I have been getting up for the last three days to help my girls ride before they go off to preschool. Something said try Youtube. I am taking those peddals off for tomorrow. Thank You!

  6. This video is great help! Thanks so much. I am gonna use it to teach bike to my daughter.

  7. Love this video! Can’t wait to take my son out and see how it works!

  8. Two people (as of now) traumatized their kids while teaching to ride. 🙂

  9. I have to say I watched this and figured this would not work with my kid. I was trying to teach him to ride the “old fashioned way” (holding on to the back of his seat) and he screamed and fell every time I let go. I was convinced this trauma is just a necessary part of growing up. We all did it.

    I decided on a whim today to give this method a try. I’m SO glad I did. My son walked his bike to the park today and rode it home 2 hours later.

  10. Ashley….. thanks for the thought you put into the teaching method. I find I have limited time to spend with my son however, I left his pedals of between weekends and had him practice outside the house to get his confidence up. I found that once I put the pedals back on he rode first time……this is a credit to you as I have very bad memories of the first time I learn’t to ride as a child. THANK YOU.

  11. Ashley, thank you SO much! We took your advice & my daughter rode for the 1st time today!!

  12. After watchinf this video I had my 5 year old son riding in about half an hour….GREAT!!! thank you.

  13. This video is great!! I just taught my 6 year old how to ride a bike based on everything Ashley taught. As soon as I put the pedals back on after my daughter learned how to scoot she was off!!!! Great video Ashley!!!

  14. This is a really helpful video and my son is riding his bike after watching it a couple of times! Good advice. Thank you.

  15. Oh come on teach your kid to ride the old fashion way. I still remember being 3 and having all the dads in the nabor hood line this hill and taking the treaning wheels off and debating leaving one on or not then riding and falling and picken asfalt out of my leg. That my frends builds character. hahah jk

  16. I was not successful in teaching my grandson to ride his bike until seeing this video. Thank you!

  17. very nice video, thanks from Slovenija(Europe)

  18. Excellent overview… Ashley, great job.

  19. Thanks Ashley!!! Tried with my son today and didn’t get too far before he had enough, he wasn’t having fun at all. Will try your suggestions for sure. Thanks again

  20. surley it would be better if the tyre’s were blown up. and maybe a bike with brakes!