Road Bike Fit – How To Measure A Bike Frame

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  1. Great video, guys! Very informative and clear. Thank you. 

  2. What is the normal size of the wheel?

  3. @1:52 I think you meant 5″ or 13cm, not 130cm!

  4. Is that giant an L?

  5. How to clean your bike. (Without pro-team equipment & pressure washer)

  6. very useful, thanks for the information provided

  7. i was wandering if u could help. i get lower back pain when i ride and i
    had my bike fit looked at but they say its fine. do you have any other

  8. You should do a series on the best bikes at certain prices. I’m looking for
    a new bike, but it’s overwhelming how many there are, and it’s hard to
    narrow it down. (It also probably doesn’t help that I spend most of the
    time looking/dreaming at >£10000 bikes.)

  9. 130cm headtube… That’s huge lol did you mean 13cm?

  10. you brits use inches?

  11. love this channel, you guys should print those shirts for purchase! I want

  12. I do love a 130cm tall head tube

  13. My heàd tube is 7 inch lol

  14. 130cm? Should it not be 130mm?

  15. Erm, yes that’s definitely what we meant! It should be 130mm.

  16. 5 inches is definitely not 130cm…..

  17. Top tube length is correctly measured parallel with the ground, not along
    the centre line of the tube, as shown in the video. That Focus bike doesn’t
    have a level top tube, despite what is said in the video. You will get a
    smaller number if you measure the slope of the top tube than if you measure
    it level.

  18. Get an app. on your phone and you can do it that way 😉

  19. All these wiggle ads are making me ill

  20. 5 inches isn’t 130cm

  21. Were your measurements the same as the manufacturer’s?

  22. how to measure the seat tube angel of a frame?