Road Bike Fit – How To Measure A Bike Frame

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| February 10th, 2015 | Posted in Cycling |

24 Responses to “Road Bike Fit – How To Measure A Bike Frame”

  1. Emilio M. Escayol Says:

    Great video, guys! Very informative and clear. Thank you. 

  2. Dondon Baculo Says:

    What is the normal size of the wheel?

  3. senoreggroll Says:

    @1:52 I think you meant 5″ or 13cm, not 130cm!

  4. Aureas Says:

    Is that giant an L?

  5. Horacio Ortega Says:


  6. James Sherwood Says:

    How to clean your bike. (Without pro-team equipment & pressure washer)

  7. Hasan Adel Says:

    very useful, thanks for the information provided

  8. Natasha Thomas Says:

    i was wandering if u could help. i get lower back pain when i ride and i
    had my bike fit looked at but they say its fine. do you have any other

  9. chrismilbourne9 Says:

    You should do a series on the best bikes at certain prices. I’m looking for
    a new bike, but it’s overwhelming how many there are, and it’s hard to
    narrow it down. (It also probably doesn’t help that I spend most of the
    time looking/dreaming at >£10000 bikes.)

  10. Dan Kenyon Says:

    130cm headtube… That’s huge lol did you mean 13cm?

  11. Mike Brooks Says:

    you brits use inches?

  12. LueXiong10 Says:

    love this channel, you guys should print those shirts for purchase! I want

  13. Lewis Petrie Says:

    I do love a 130cm tall head tube

  14. renato muu Says:

    My heàd tube is 7 inch lol

  15. Eoin Byrne Says:

    130cm? Should it not be 130mm?

  16. Global Cycling Network Says:

    Erm, yes that’s definitely what we meant! It should be 130mm.

  17. Jack Davies Says:

    5 inches is definitely not 130cm…..

  18. derosa1989 Says:

    Top tube length is correctly measured parallel with the ground, not along
    the centre line of the tube, as shown in the video. That Focus bike doesn’t
    have a level top tube, despite what is said in the video. You will get a
    smaller number if you measure the slope of the top tube than if you measure
    it level.

  19. Duncan7750 Says:

    Eagle Eye!

  20. lee a dorney Says:

    Get an app. on your phone and you can do it that way 😉

  21. zerotails99 Says:

    All these wiggle ads are making me ill

  22. TheLetimad Says:

    5 inches isn’t 130cm

  23. Johnny C Says:

    Were your measurements the same as the manufacturer’s?

  24. Steven Riwar Says:

    how to measure the seat tube angel of a frame?