Mountain Biking for Tips, Techniques & Etiquette : Learn Mountain Biking Basics

Bicycle Video Score: four / 5

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25 thoughts

  1. That’s what I went thru !! 2nd ride was better ! Great keep biking

  2. crashing is learning :))

  3. Good info.. recommended..

  4. go go gadget brakes!

  5. get some giant bike frames!!!

  6. omg i have the same bike but i have discs

  7. nitrous pills…

  8. The thing about not crashing then not learning is true, can you honestly say that when you try something new you get it right?

  9. Thats how you know you’re doing it right lol.

  10. is my butt really going to be sore? what is the name of the bone you sit on ?? did you say the sit bone?? what is the bone you screw with?? the screw bone?

  11. Get outa here haters, this guys sick.

  12. You are full of crap, it does does get easier, much easier, the meanest longest hill gets easy after a while if you keep your riding up. After a while your legs become like an engine, you just direct them. Also, if you are not crushing you are not learning ?? another load of crap.

  13. This man just changed my mind about the sport.

  14. My bum did hurt today… Lol!

  15. “If your not crashing, your not learning.” You know what, that is soo true. I like this guy.

  16. Best bike with V-Brakes I’ve ever seen.

  17. right where it needs to be to cover your man period

  18. What I would recommend as well for MTB shorts; well 3D road cycling shorts placed underneath loose fitting shorts (that are unpadded). This also works really well and causes less sit bone to groin tenderness issues.

  19. i ride magna excitor and can ride 5 miles w/o stoping

  20. oh no not another expert-not

  21. Do you believe this trash

  22. get trek 4500 with disk breakes for 599$ really good brand and really good bike

  23. get trek 3500 or 3700 they r good quality mountain bikes for first timers the trek 3500 costs 359$ and 3700 for 399$. make sure you buy at a good local bike store