Learning to Bicycle Without Pain; Teaching Bicycling Without Strain

Bike Video Rating: four / five

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  1. You can also slide down a car ramp and then put your feet on the peddals when you get to the bottom, thats how I learned to ride.

  2. will be better to start on hard surface, not lawn. lawn has always bumps, asphalt or concrete has none.

  3. Real training – with no time. I really loved that for my kids to learn bike riding.

  4. This is amazing! Thanks for the method!!

  5. thanks this video is awesome im 10 years old now i can learn

  6. I love how this fairly serious looking lady breaks into a smile when she first gets it and pedals.

  7. Well, my parents didn’t have enough time for bicycles. We were busier with facing life in its darker side. So I didn’t learn how bicycle until I was 19, but hey, it feels so good that I know now. However, I don’t feel like I missed something important during the period I wasn’t bicycling. Plus, it’s super easy to learn. It’s just you do it when you need it.

  8. I love the song playing every time she does it successfully. That was a great video! Thanks.

  9. did she push off her left foot

  10. Thanks for sharing! this is really helpful for those wanting to get fit.

  11. THANKS!!!! I managed to teach my 5 y.o. son riding 2 wheels in 3 hours using your method.

  12. Good for me, I cannot really ride a bike and I am learning. I know how to do walking with the bike and gliding on the bike, I can Only but one foot on the pedal, but I am getting there!

  13. NO Pain No Gain

  14. My daughter is 7.5, and we tried teaching her with training wheels, with some snags. Her balance is terrible but I thought we would try to master the pedaling and steering first. This makes soooo much more sense, we’re totally trying this tomorrow!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  15. ive never found biking hard. you just need to keep trying

  16. i do want but how can i learn after 24 :S i am biologist and i am agains to petroleum or oil. if i want the world to change firstly i have to change myself.

  17. I learned the hard way. When I was about 5 or 6 some big kids put me on a big bike and pushed me down the hill.. I crashed a few feet away… The second time, the hill was much smaller, and I rode much further… in 5 minutes I learned to ride…
    What it lead to – I own 6 bikes – a cargo bike, dutch city bike, cross continent touring bike, road commuter, hybrid commuter/grocery getter and a trailer puller. The car sat so long, someone thought it was junk and scrapped it.. Can’t tell ya when….

  18. your not coming to the uk any time soon 🙁 ive tried to learn how to ride my bike but i cant stay on plus i cant get any one to teach me its not fair i hate every one who can ride cause i think their better then me 🙁

  19. I did it! I’m 28 and I just rode for the first time! Now I have to practice !!!

  20. I am planning to follow this video. So inspiring. I just bought a bike and hope to have the same smile on my face too 🙂 . Thanks for the video.

  21. I’m about to go out and try! This is such a great video 🙂

  22. The big smile at 6:10 - the Ah-ha moment – was priceless!

  23. Goddamn was dis video fustrating took her a freakin hour n she was gliding for like 20 times i fast foward this . I lost interest cuz i already know how to ride a bike i learned kinda like that