Learn to Ride A Bike In 5 Simple Steps

Bike Video Score: four / five

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  1. Don’t forget to tell the kid that if the bike starts to fall to the right, turn right and if it falls to the left, turn left. That’s really all there is to balancing a bike.
    I was amazed to discover how few people know how bkies actually work (the balancing bit). Some people even think it’s the gyroscopic force of the spinning wheels that hold it up which is just nuts!

  2. Oops haha autocorrect. I’ll HAVE TO

  3. @lowfatmilk11 Im in the exact situation as you. I want to learn sooo bad ill javelin to try this method 🙂

  4. OMG this DOES work…….I taught my son to ride in no more than two hours!!
    He is over the moon at being a ‘big boy’ riding a bike…..not to mention how proud I am!!

  5. @stardomgirl09 — CONGRATULATION!!! I hope you have a lot of fun riding your bike!

  6. NOW I CAN RIDE A BIKE!!! Thank you very much for the help!

  7. I’m 13 and I can’t even ride a bike yet…. 🙁

  8. I think they’re called ‘striders’ in English.

  9. Here all kids can ride bikes at the age of three. Without side wheels. I never see parents teach their kids how to ride a bike, the moment kids can walk they can ride a ´walking´ bike (don’t know how they’re called, bikes without pedals) and before you know it they can ride a normal bike. No tricycles, no side wheels. Then again, I’m Dutch and it’s in our genes….

  10. Keep practicing and you’ll build more confidence. Before you know it, you will have both feet on the pedals!

  11. its not my fault, that I can’t ride a bike at my age its not my parents fault either its just confidence, yesterday I walked with the bike and then I glided. And then I only put one foot on the pedal.

  12. It took few minutes for my 7-year old daughter to learn the bike. However, she knows how to ride a 2-wheel kick scooter. I think that may have help her how to controll the steering, but I have to teach her more how to use the pedals.

  13. Congratulations Sunshinebug2!! I’m really delighted to know that my video helped!

  14. This video absolutely worked for our 7 y/o daughter. Thank you!

    She has been very hard to work with in the traditional teaching method. She was terrified of falling over and would never want to work on learning to ride a “big girl” bike. We did it over 2 Saturdays (maybe 2 hours of actual practice). Fantastic!

  15. Hey great work.

  16. i remeber when i first time i learn biking i was 8-9 years old and i didnt learn by removing pedals but i learn by falling i always fall and fall and fall untill i got it after that i keept forget that i have the brake that makes the bike stop so i keept crashing on things like wall and trashcans it was so funny i miss old days when i was coming home and my mom see me with blood over my legs and hands XD

  17. @911GABROO Cuz then wen u walk the pedals disturb ur legs

  18. Congrats Jeff!! Now your back can get a well deserved rest! :)

  19. Because it makes it easier to walk and glide around with the bike while you (or your child) are getting used to balancing on the bike. The pedals tend to get in the way and make it more difficult.

  20. what the hell why do you need to take off the pedals

  21. Many thanks – this is a great video. My son didn’t quite ‘get it’ when I explained the idea to him but when he saw this video it clicked straight away & he learned in just 3 short sessions 🙂 This was after my initial 2 sessions of trying to teach him left me scratching my head for ideas & with a back-ache ! – lol

  22. To all you grownups learning to ride for the first time…..I have nothing but respect and admiration for you!

  23. But I cant rent a bike and take out those pedals!

  24. Thank you! Thank you for this video!  I don’t know how to ride but I’m teaching my boys this weekend!