learn how to ride a bike with no hands

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25 thoughts

  1. That wuz shit . Fucking windows movie maker much?

  2. HAHAHAHHA same here but i am Male and it hurts SO MUCH

  3. all you need is a another D to transform “Rated R” to RETARDED

  4. fat kid fell down haha 😛

  5. DANGEROUS TEDDY BEAR LOL sweetest white boy in the hood more like it 😀

  6. I tought myself how to do this it’s easier than it looks

  7. what should be my speed,should it be constant,accelerating or decelerating?

  8. I CAN’T DO IT, I THINK I’M TOO FAT. I’m so pissed I that I can’t do something this simple. I always end up losing control of in my front wheel and when I reach for the bars, it’s too late and I end up getting hurt. I’m sad…

  9. just get speed and just keep balance by pedaling and body weight.

  10. I don’t recommend doing this with a BMX or any trick bike.

  11. its super easy to do it, jsut take off ur hands

  12. ummm that video was completely retarded… just sayin..

  13. wang ching chong chang oh sorry i thought you were fukin chinese naruto logo

  14. i can’t belive people acctually got probelms with bicycling without hands :S retarded video

  15. lol yea, it hurts your legs after a while of pedaling though, and you ass

  16. But I don’t wanna get raped by my bike accidently

  17. teddy bear thinks he’s black ….. he’s far from

  18. the federal buro investergators f.b.i???

  19. Too hard. Too risky.

  20. lol no thats not true me and my friend could turn and stuff u just have to use ur ass

  21. You can only go striaght when you go with no hands. It’s fun too!

  22. no hand ridiing is easy. i went 5 miles without hands. my friend tried it and he fell.

  23. One time I tried to stand on the peddles without holding on [no hands!!]and I ended up slipping and hitting my groin- male OR female IT STILL HURTS.

  24. wowz i am 12 and i can do no hands xD for atleast 4 blocks rofl
    ;P how do lift up the wheelie for so long rofl i can only lift and pedal for like 5 seconds xD