Klaas Vantornout’s Dugast Tubulars – How To Choose Tyres Like A Cyclocross Pro

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| May 6th, 2015 | Posted in Cycling |

11 Responses to “Klaas Vantornout’s Dugast Tubulars – How To Choose Tyres Like A Cyclocross Pro”

  1. Global Cycling Network Says:

    How do you choose cyclocross tyres? Belgian cyclocross champion Klaas
    Vantornout showed GCN the tyres that he takes to each race. Klaas also
    spoke about which treads he uses and when, and gave a guide to tyre
    pressures too!

    Listening to Klaas’s advice will almost certainly make you go faster!

  2. Maxim Nesteruk Says:

    Wow, so low pressure. I was think about 3-4 bar.

  3. cherepaha3 Says:

    CX is ridiculous get an XC for cycling through mud

  4. thechosendude Says:

    You can tell Klass is Belgian because it’s probably freezing outside and
    he’s not wearing socks with his sneakers.

  5. TeamBuelens Says:

    0:25 That bottom left tyre is pretty wide, for which terrain is it used?

  6. vaxbuster Says:

    A great cheap CX clincher tire is the Schwalbe ‘CX Pro Light Folding’

  7. Patrick Rader Says:

    Why does he use a chain catcher if he only has a single gear in the front?
    Actually, I would like to see a video on Chain Catchers and Chain
    Anti-Suck devices. I understand that Andy Schleck had a chain catcher on
    his bike when he dropped his chain in the tour when he lost to Contador.
    Tom Boonen had one when he dropped his chain in Paris-Roubaix. And what
    about TJ in this years double accent up Alp d’Huez? I was going to put a
    chain catcher on my Ridley X-Night but my seat tube is 33.8 mm and they
    come in 31.4 and 34.9 mm sizes? Braze on or clamp on? I could not find
    any good close up videos on how mount them. I also like Klass’s rear
    deraileur mud mod here

  8. TheZRW Says:

    Wow. He has to buy 2000 euros worth of tires.

  9. oliver statham Says:

    GCN, christmas is coming soon and i was wondering if i should get some high
    quality wheels or a bike computer like a Garmin. the wheels that i have on
    my bike are ok but there not the best, the kit and the frame are quite
    good. the bike computer that i am currently using is a cheap one that only
    shows the basics. what should i do? 

  10. rebal doghouz Says:

    i have a road bike, i ride on 700 x 23
    what tyres size can fit on my wheels if i want to go cross cycling ?
    is it possible to do so ?

  11. Alex Burd Says:

    get a mountain bike