Kid Gives Speech After Learning To Ride A Bike (Original)

Bike Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 thoughts

  1. that kid has seen way to many movies

  2. awe so cute 🙂 hahaha

  3. this kid must have pissed his dad off recently for him to post this on youtube.

  4. Very inspirational! He should be an actor or a president seriously 🙂

  5. Kill The Noise, Feed Me – Thumbs Up

  6. this kid deserves all of lance armstrong’s medals

  7. Yup. Kill the Noise and Feed Me brought me here! Great song! Thumbs Up!

  8. /watch?v=5QTBrVPeJ1w

  9. This kid should enter the school speech competition.

  10. This is featured in a song by Kill The Noise and Feed Me called Thumbs Up(For Rock and Roll.

  11. This kid is boss

  12. i put someone give me a pep talk on facebook and someone posted this video.. thumbs up!

  13. Hmm, me personally would ask myself why there’s a little kid going into battle.. 😀

  14. Damn so this is what they call… Nigger.

  15. Hahahaha this has made my day

  16. This is fucking AWESOME!!! Makes me smile every time I watch it!!!!

  17. this kid gives better speeches than Ulfric f**kin’ Stormcloak

  18. Anyone else think he sounds like the Kid from Up?

  19. Made me