How to Ride Bike Rollers

Bike Online video Rating: three / 5

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24 thoughts

  1. Lots of good info, great design, thanks!

  2. Good luck…all the best.

  3. Thanks…it does work great!

  4. Marc, I bought Kreitlers about 18 months ago used them twice and gave up! felt so slippy and downright dangerous. Your platform is so simple yet looks tremendous.
    The video has given me the confidence to have another go.

    Thanks very much for posting a really useful video.

    Philip Northampton

  5. Thanks for that 🙂

  6. cool platform… good idea! I like how it just raises up parallel to the wall when not in use.

  7. uhh this was really uhhh helpful… uhhh yeah

  8. Kreiter with the flywheels are the best in my opinion.

  9. Thank u for the video.I am planning to purchase rollers,but im not sure what brand to go with(e motion,cyclops,or kreitler)any help would be greatly apperciated.

  10. You’re welcome…thanks!

  11. I am sorry there are not specifications available for the platforms.

  12. Could you send me the specs for the roller platform?

  13. ACTUAL Video starts at 6:55

  14. You need to be able to steer the bike. Two rollers in the front wouldn’t allow for this.

  15. why is just one roll on the front, and not two??

  16. I am not exactly sure what your intention is, but some free advice: If you have something to write that is instructive and you can share your knowledge then we all learn. I am okay if you disagree with something, but your comment doesn’t help anyone…could be you have some knowledge that helps us all. Good luck.

  17. just cut the crap out and get a move on!

  18. Thanks for this great video – am going to progress to watch the rest of yours as I see there’s one on how to train with rollers. I have a question – I bought the Kreitler 3″ Alloy Rollers and though I’ve only had them a week can see how they can really benefit me. I bought them over the 4.5″ as I felt that having some resistance is a good thing – should I reconsider them (as in switch from 3 to 3.5″) or can I still use them to benefit me in the same way?

  19. man he’s good

  20. thanks very much, your videos are amazing, keep this up I feel like I should be paying you!

  21. Alloy 4.5 Rollers with Flywheel from Kreitler. They’ll last a lifetime.

  22. what model are those kreitlers you use and/or would recommend to people considering buying one for the first time? (thinking the 3.0″ aluminum vs. 4.5″ or PVC)