how to ride a bike with no hands standing up

Bike Video Rating: three / 5

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25 thoughts

  1. Put captions for god´╗┐ sake!

  2. i can do that… better ­čśë whys your´╗┐ bike all squeaky when you pedal…

  3. That’s a good video´╗┐ I’ll have to try it.

  4. I have a pro bike and I can do many crazily hard tricks on it, bunny hops off curbs, pedaling backwards, standing on the frame of my bike and jumping up and´╗┐ down at very high speeds, and I can even stand on the handlebars but I can’t do this.

  5. i can do better than this………´╗┐

  6. Do you stand on the Bike frame or the´╗┐ pedals?

  7. You don’t watch many videos,´╗┐ do you?

  8. ours is´╗┐ better!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You are´╗┐ really cute

  10. I can padel turn with no hands And i don’t squish with my feet. And it took me 5 DAYS AND I AM BETTER THEN´╗┐ YOU AND YOUNGER!!!!!

  11. Yeah I do this all the time, i ride everywhere (even turning corners) without hands so one day I tried standing and i picked it up in about 10 seconds, without watching´╗┐ a video or anything. and now I am turning corners, no hands, while standing and its awesome lol

  12. i can do the cat dady while pedlaling´╗┐ my friend did it and he told me 2 try it i dind it better than him cuz i was ridding super fast on his bmx and made it i was like omg

  13. best camera quality i’v ever seen´╗┐

  14. noob´╗┐ bike

  15. you’re´╗┐ so right!

  16. Nice vid´╗┐ dude

  17. nice comment i´╗┐ thought that to was going to happen

  18. haha his bike pops when he pedals, man´╗┐ i thought someone would fall:(

  19. wow you must be terrible! I started on dirt road, and within an hour i could ride´╗┐ along highway for miles at a time no hands…

  20. i can pedal doing this….no need to´╗┐ alarm you but….i think i may be jesus!

  21. His voice´╗┐ reminds me of Bobby Hill

  22. good´╗┐ vid.