Joe Dombrowski has proposed an idea that will definitely appeal to many climbers, wondering why time trialists should have all the fun in the sport. Dombrowski has decide to create an uphill hour record.

The plan is not overly complicated; the ride will be just like your regular hour record, where the uphill hour distance is measured in meters. Instead of measuring distance, it will be a measure of the elevation gained within the hour. Simply put, the record is the maximum amount of elevation reached in an hour measured, in meters on a climb that the rider chooses.

“The craze last year, was the hour record, but I might get the record for the slowest hour record, I thought it will be cool if we created an hour record, outdoors. Its how many meters you can climb in an hour,” he said.

Now everyone knows that an enclosed 2000 meters cycling track does not exist, so the venue for such an event will be a regular road. Making such a trip on such roads will make the journey even more difficult as other factors other than speed comes into play, the riders must consider, wind, gradient, weather and friction from the surface of the road, all these make the seem even more wild.

However, this only excites Dombrowski as he thinks that these factors only add more flair to the event.

“I like the element that it’s not controlled like a track. If you can find a climb that’s better for it then more power to you,” he said.

He has started considering the most suitable location for him to make his first attempt. His first idea is the Tenerife, which is the volcanic climb that is always used as a spot for altitude training. He has also considered the stelvio but it is not sure that the length will be enough.


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