Armstrong Claimed The News About His Death Is False

Lance Armstrong is alive, active and very much there on the earth.

This is the message, which cyclist Lance Armstrong sent out to their fans in the afternoon Friday on Instagram. He did this after news site which is considered as fake published an article, and announced that the cyclist has passed away.

In the article, it was falsely reported that Armstrong died on Wednesday after battling with colon cancer secretly. The article quoted the daughter of Armstrong named Anna sharing this news on Facebook. The first sign that the news was fake is Armstrong doesn’t have a daughter named Anna.

Armstrong has shared a video on social media with a phone in hand displaying the article. He shook his head on the news story that is fake as the camera zoomed in.

The caption under the video says, “My death’s rumor has been exaggerated greatly,” he referred a similar quote written by Mark Twain in the late 1800s. In his case too, a newspaper mistakenly reported that the writer has died when actually it was not he but Twain’s cousin was dying.

However, Armstrong chooses not to comment further on the story, but as far as, the disease is concern which was revealed in the article, there is no evidence that Armstrong is battling with any form of cancer. He has suffered from testicular cancer in 1996, but after undergoing with through treatment, that included chemotherapy and surgery, he got recovered from it and now he is completely fit and fine.

Johan Bruyneel, former team general manager of the U.S. Postal of Armstrong, replied to Instagram’s post of Armstrong on Friday adding some humor of his own.

He said, “I had talked to a dead person and this unique experience I had so far,” he wrote. “I felt relieved after hearing your voice, though.”

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