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Shane Sutton confident about GB’s performance at 2016 Rio

While the Briton cycling enthusiasts are upset with GB’s no title in Track World, Shane Sutton is confident about a positive performance from the team at 2016 Rio Olympics.

According to the GB technical director, the team track cyclists are still able to “do business” the coming despite their no-gold status at Track World Championship for the 1st time in fourteen years.

However, Sutton has been realistic in his claims, stressing that the challenge ahead won’t be easy at all.

“I am pretty aware that we are competitive in possibly 7 medal events here in track”, stated the technical director from GB. Read the rest of this entry »

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Road Bike Fit – How To Measure A Bike Frame

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Vincenzo Nibali Not Planning To Leave Team Astana

The star rider and champion of Tour de France- Vincenzo Nibali is not planning to leave Team Astana which is trapped in several doping controversies right now.

In November, it was revealed that a fifth Astana rider- Artur Fedosseyev had been tested for doping and he was found guilty. Along with Artur Fedosseyev, Victor Okishev and Ilya Davidenok of Astana Continental Team have also been found guilty.

Brothers and Astana riders belonging to the WorldTour Team- Valentin and Maxim Iglinskiy were also tested. Valentin Iglinskiy confessed to doping and Maxim Iglinskiy did not get his Sample B analyzed.

Due to all these doping scandals, UCI asked the License Commission to review Team Astana’s anti-doping policies and management. Alexander Vinokourov even got the Astana Continental Team officially suspended. Read the rest of this entry »

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Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Fitness

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The Mindset for Continuous Learning

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Natural Bodybuilding – (Secrets of Growth) 1/2

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Mark Cavendish Says Tour De France Will Be A Motivation

Mark has taken things very positively and sportingly. Although it has been a big set back for him that he could not even complete the opening stage of the Tour De France because of his crash, Mark has not given up hope. Mark believes that this crash and unwanted end in Tour de France shall be a motivation for him to carry on no matter what and keep his career going for the longest time possible for him.

Mark had hit the deck in Harrogate, his mother’s hometown which was also the end of the Tour’s opening stage. Mark has talked about the injury that he has had to the reporters. The former world champion and the Omega Pharma-Quickstep sprinter has said that he was aware that his shoulder would not be fit and fine for at least some months. He has expressed how he could still feel the hurt from the injury. He has exclaimed that he still cannot lift big and heavy weights which might be a little problematic for later this year but nothing very big an issue.

The injury has left Mark very unfit at the moment and he is himself aware of it. Sometime earlier at the Britain tour when he saw how he lacked fitness he himself backed out. He is aware that there are people who could do better than what he was doing and so gave the same reason for ruling himself out of the squad. He has missed a lot of big events that have felt his absence and he too wants to make his come back soon and not stay away from the tracks for any longer. He has been saying that this year has made him stronger and has made himself push further during situations. He is now sure that these happenings have done only good and his career will definitely last some years more. Mark has told that had the crash happened some years back it would be an end for his career however now that his daughter Delilah was by his side he could fight anything and everything.

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Top 10 Cycling Innovations

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How To Create Traffic. Overview

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